Hershey has been gone since September 21, 1999, but I still think of her little grey face.

Hershey was 16 years old when she left us, she was tired, blind and mostly deaf...but her spirit and love shone thru to me right up to the moment I let her go.

We had her in our life from 8 weeks of age and she was the best most loving sweetie dog.

She loved to play with my horse Simon and run in the pasture. She napped in the sun and enjoyed chicken eggs fresh from the chicken.

I knew I had to let her go- she was getting lost in our yard- not knowing where to turn to get home.

The last day was very hard for all of us.

I know she's happy and leaping on the near side of the Bridge- but I still look for her sweet grey face when I come home from work every day.

Bye Sweet girl- mom loves you- I'll look for your star.

Barbara Phelps

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