Lady, two short months ago we chose you at a dog fair, out of hundreds of dogs, to adopt. It was an easy choice. You were so cute, tiny and furry. You were so lovable, sticking your little nose out of behind those bars to sniff the world! The kids fell in love with you, too. You were special so it took us a few days to come up with a name for you, LADY.

We watched you grow. We taught you how to sit. You loved to roll over so we could tickle your tummy. You stood at the gate every morning to say goodbye and you greeted us every day when we came home. Sure you made us mad once in a while but we really did love you.

I dont know why you got sick but I guess God needed a good dog like you in heaven. Your spirit will live on with us forever and we will never forget you.

Mom & Dad

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