my midnight was a beautiful black lab mix. i got her 6 years ago from a friend who divorced and she was already 11-12 years old. she was my best friend!

i had to put her down today and it hurts me so bad. i am overwhelmed with sorrow. who would have thought we would become so close. our time together was short but i feel like i have loved her for a lifetime.

it was a personal decision to let her go, her hips were bad, she wasn't eating like she used too and couldn't control her functions if you know what i mean. as much as i loved her i couldn't see the point in spending thousands of dollars on pumping her with meds so i could have her a few years more. she hated taking meds.

i stayed with her during the euthanization. one of the hardest things Ive ever had to do. i hope before she past she felt just how deep my love was for her. my son even drew her a picture this evening. i pray her spirit will know.

we miss her, we love her and she will never be forgotten!

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