Abby was born on October 25, 1989 and returned to God on June 6, 2002. For those twelve years, she was a loving and tireless dog, intelligent, kind and loving. She played ball as well and as dilligently as any dog I've ever seen.

But beyond her energy, temperament and intelligence, Abby was my border collie daughter. The wound of letting her go is still fresh in my mind and my heart. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in April of 2002 and we put her on medication. But the meds did little good and she only made it 2 months before her heart was so enlarged and her chest cavity so swollen, her lungs couldn't fuction properly.

I miss you baby girl, but rest up, because when I come to see you again, we will play ball forever in the golden fields beyond.

Steve Sharp

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