Born 10/1/92
Died 6/14/02

Bullet was not what the greyhound folks call a "45 mile per hour couch potato". He was among the most energetic and largest of the breed. A very good racer, no doubt.

I wasn't looking for a dog like that, but I learned to love him anyway. And I have never loved a dog more, in my entire life. He gave me 5 wonderful years of devotion, laughs, companionship and the best "huggies" I could ever imagine.

Above all, he protected me from harm. I never expected that from a pet. I never asked for it. But I got it anyway. This big, black, lovable, 100 pound, scarred up, broken toed, half tailed bruiser was feared by everyone who crossed his path (except kids).

I could have been mugged or kidnapped or stabbed to death if it weren't for his presence beside me. What a safe feeling that was. And how quickly it can change.

Bullet, I'm sorry we had to separate, but you never left my heart and I promise, you never will. Until we meet again. Have a wonderful time in your new, leash free world and try not to show off too much, okay?

I love you,


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