On Sunday June the 2nd 2002, we lost a very special puppy named Jasper. He was with us for a very short while, and touched many lives. One in particular, Jacqulyn MacDonald, Jasper's wonderful owner.

I brought Jasper into Jaquelyn's life to bring back the sparkle in her eye that she had loss after the tragic passing of her boyfriend. Jasper enriched hers, as well as many of the people she worked with, and that sparkle started to come back.

Jasper became or businesses "mascot". Customers and staff came to love and adore Jasper greatly, he was a treat for our suppliers and regular customers who would always stop to pet and play with this wonderful, friendly puppy.

After a careless pool cleaner left the gate to Jacquelyn's yard open, Jasper escaped and was killed by a car. She was devastated, as well as many other people, our mascot is gone, but will always be remembered, even thought he was on this earth for a very short time.

The picture I have attached represents the playfulness, and the beauty of Jasper perfectly, taken by Jacquely just a few days prior to his passing.

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