Mickey, Cissy, Cleo, Infinity

Three of my beloved pets were diagnosed with cancer and I made the decision to end their pain and let them go with dignity. They were very much loved and are still missed!

Their names and breeds are as follows: Cissy (Doberman) was diagnosed with osteo sarcoma of the spine, Cleo (Boxer) lymphoma sarcoma, and Brighty(Cat) had thyroid cancer.

My other two, Tigger(Cat) died of diabetes complacations(coma) and dear old Mickey(poodle mix) his heart just gave out.

All my pets were up in years but we had them all from the time they were babies, and they watched our 4 boys grow up and were a big part of their lives. We lost all 5 in less than 4 years, we got them all about the same time and they left the same way.

Addition to our page:

Infinity: We adopted her from the Boxer Rescue of MO when she was 13 months old, a skinny little white beauty with a black nose that looked like it melted down around her mouth. I couldn't believe nobody had wanted her, she was with her foster parents for almost 4 months. But because of her color she was hard to place, she was snow white with black spots on her skin. It didn't take her long to bond with the 2 cats and 2 of the dogs that have passed on before her (and are here in the sky) and to become very special to each one of boys and so much more to me than a pet, she was a true friend, and I will miss her more than I could write. She was loved by my neighbors and family alike......She could capture your heart in a second. She was very, very special and she left paw prints more hearts than I could name.

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