Tip's Cap'n Salty, or Tippy as we liked to call him, was our only child , our constant companion, and our very best friend. He entered our home on July 3, 1987, and left us on June 1, 2002, after 15 years of unconditional love and companionship. Those who met Tippy described him as "a gentle soul" and "a cool dog" -- we know he was all that and much more.

Tippy loved peanut butter biscuits, chewing on his stuffed "little man" toy, lying in the sun, and a little slice of fresh banana on lucky days (he was partial to watermelon, too). We feel blessed to have known him for so many years, from his cuddly puppy days to his tired but graceful exit.

His absence leaves a big hole where our full hearts used to be, and we're sure that his unique and gentle spirit will never be replaced.

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