Zoey Weigelt
Died: June 11, 2002

We found our precious Zoey November 1, 1995 in a resteratunt parking lot. Even since the first second we laid eyes on that aborable little face, we found happiness. Zoey never caused us any trouble and was always the sweetest little dog in the world. She lived to make us, her owners, happy.

I'll miss the little talks I used to have with her. I'll miss the way she used to always know how to comfort us in just the right ways. I'll miss her little tag wagging when we come home (even if we only went outside for 2 minutes). I'll miss the cute little faces she made when we got ready to take her out for a car ride. I'll just miss Zoey. None of us can imagine our lives without her. She has been such a special part of our lives. She has been not only been apart of our family, but the greatest companion ever, and no one will ever be able to replace her...ever.

Yesterday we took her to the vet and they said she was in extreme critical condition. She had a huge tumor mass that was bleeding into her spleen. I just sat there with her in my arms... she was so clam, and I was a wreck. I just looked into those big brown eyes and felt my heart sank. How could this happen to such a great "dog"? I still don't know the answer to that question, and I doubt I ever will.

This morning at 5:30, Zoey fell down the stairs and we thought she broke her leg. So my mom, my sister, and myself rushed to the animal hospital 30 minutes away (my sister even forgot to put her shoes on). The vet said she had suffered a stroke, had severe cancer, blood clots in her head, and not only that, she was severly anemic. This crused all our hearts and we burst out in tears. She was such a brave little girl, and she struggled so hard to keep fighting. It broke us in half watching her struggle to get up then fall back down. She was crying, I suppose, because she felt as if she was letting us down.

We knew then, that she was in great pain, and that there was nothing we could do to help her. So at 7:14 a.m., we Zoey was put to sleep. We all just huddled together and cried. I looked at her lifeless body and sang "You Are my Sunshine" to her. Because that's what she was... our sunshine.

Zoey, baby, not only were you my sister, but you were the best "animal" anyone in this world could ever hope to have. We feel truly blessed that we could spoil and love you like we have. We miss you so much, and you will never ever be forgotten. See you soon.

Love Forever,

Vickie, Amanda, Mom

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