In Loving Memory of Brittany
August 1992 - July 2002

I heard there was a cocker tied up in the desert near the Superstition Mountains and that is how you came into my life. Your family had moved and abandoned you. You were tied up without any shade or shelter. A lady down the street had been giving you water and food. It was the end of August and blazing hot. How you survived the blistering temperatures of Arizona and managed not to be dinner for a coyote I will never know. You must have had an Angel looking out for you. I just know that on that day I took you into my home and my heart. You were covered with ticks, unsocialized, and scared and didn't know any love or trust. That all changed. You became a happy, wonderful little sweetheart who viewed the world through those big brown eyes.

You became my love muffin and daddy’s little shadow. You followed your daddy everywhere. You were content to sit by his side while he worked for hours on the computer. No matter what he was doing, I always knew you would be close by. You never went to bed until your daddy did. When daddy came home from working late you were always the one who sat up with him while he got ready for bed. You watched television with him, sat by his chair as he ate his meals (hoping that he would share) and rode on the console in his truck on outings. You loved walking in the Superstitions and even after getting really sick that was one of your favorite activities. You would walk a while and then your daddy would carry you a while.

You were the most patient dog I have ever known in my life. You would silently sit knowing that eventually someone would pet you or give you a treat. The other dogs might push or bark, but you would just wait. You would just look up with those huge brown eyes and melt our hearts.

When you first arrived you would bury rawhide chews outside. If Priscilla or Dusty got near them you would dig them up and bury them in the sofa. You would stand guard over your treasure. You soon learned that there would always be rawhide chews and goodies so you did not have to worry about hiding them. I use to call you and Priscilla frit and frat because the two of you were always together. I remember the day I brought Priscilla home from the hospital when she was diagnosed with thrombocytopenia, you danced with joy to see and have your friend back. Before Priscilla died you stayed right by her side. You knew she was dying and you did not want her to be alone.

I remember our last big outing. You were chosen to be the "go-along-dog" that got to go on our trip to California to pick up a rescue dog. You got to eat special treats (ones normally you were not allowed because of your heart), rode in the front with your mommy and daddy, and were the first to greet Cissy. You had a great time. In fact you were so worn out that you fell asleep standing up in your daddy’s lap. What a tired girl you were.

The last couple of months we spent more time together, shared special treats, and you got to go on several outings like our trip to Dairy Queen where you got your own bowl of ice cream. I am grateful that your mommy and daddy were able to spoil you even more than normal and show you just how special you were to us.

When your heart disease started to slow you down, you were a little trooper. You never complained about all the supplements, herbs, and medication I would give you or the endless visits to the doctor. We fought long and we fought hard, but we both knew in the end that the disease would win. That day came far too quickly for me. I watched your belly swell with fluid and it broke my heart. I noticed that you were not as peppy and that you were breathing harder. I knew our time was almost up and I did not want you to suffer. Your mommy and daddy held you and told you how much we loved you. You died peacefully in our arms. It was the second hardest thing I have done in my life, but I tried to be strong and do one last act of love for you.

Thank you for sharing your life with me. I am grateful for the time we had together and the love we shared. I will never forget you and I will always cherish the memories of our life together. We were certainly blessed to have you in our lives. I will carry your paw print on my heart and soul until we are reunited again at the Rainbow Bridge. I have asked Dusty and Priscilla to meet you there. Until it is my time to join you guys, romp with your brother and sister and feel good again.

Love, Mommy & Daddy

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