July 23,2002 i lost my dear sweet Brownie. Brownie was a one of a kind dog. My sister gave him to me May of 1992. In the beginning i wasnt too excited about having him...he had chased all my cats up into the trees..but in a day or so..i began wondering where he had been all my life. Brownie went everywhere with me..he had his spot in the car. Sitting beside me with a big smile on his face..i couldnt tell him i loved him enough. As the years went by...Brownie and i were the best of friends....he was with me through many things...good and bad.

He welcomed my son into his life in 1999 by licking his head to the point that is was drenched..(the doctor said it was fine.) Brownie wasnt any special kind of breed. In fact..i have yet to see one like him. As i sit here today...i just dont know how i am gonna get on with my life without him...He was just so permanent.. He was so smart. He definately had a mind of his own..but the years were good to him..and i would like to think i gave him the best of everything..and always made the right decisions by him.

Brownie..i am gonna miss how you opened your Christmas you always got the little round bone in the hamsteak...the way you drug your water dish all over the kitchen when it was empty...the way you kept your kitty in line...and most of all you loved nobody else could...Its so hard to say goodbye to you baby...but i know you are in heaven and you are still the biggest...smartest...and most beautiful dog in the world to other dog will ever come close to your sweet little footprints....Rest In Peace Brownie Joseph...mommy loves you so much..i'll miss kissing your beak.

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