In memory of "Champ" - my nine year-old Shih Tzu
Champ lost his battle with lymphoma on July 13, 2002

There is a void in my heart today
My dearest friend has gone away.
To the Rainbow Bridge, I helped him go
I couldn't stand seeing him suffering so.

Cradled in my arms Singing not the best
I sang "our" song: "A Bushel and a Peck."
I wept and I prayed and held on tight
And at the end told him, "Go for the Light."

I kissed the top of his cute little head
And each of his little toes
I even left him with a special kiss
On the tip of his precious nose

I held him tight, as I'd told him I would
Cradled and rocked him and loved him good
I can see him trotting behind Jesus now
Stopping to look back to see if I follow.

Oh, Champ - my precious one
Eventually the day will come
When I cross over to where you are
And we'll all be together, beyond the stars."

Susan Bromen
Copyright July 13, 2002

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