This sweet little 7 month old girl is Dallas. She was struck and killed by a car on the afternoon of 7/22/02. The killer didn't even slow down or stop and the only witness to the actual accident was my oldest dog Dakota.

We are thankful that Dallas didn't suffer and the last image she saw was her big sister Dakota. The neighbor who looked out her window after hearing a loud noise (like a car door being shut very hard) said that Dakota was on the embankment pacing back and forth and whining. Dallas lifted her head a couple of times and then passed away less than 2 minutes after being hit.

Dallas was such a loving and cuddly little puppy. She didn't warm up to strangers very well but, with our close family she had the most adorable personality and showed that she loved us all the time. She especially loved her big sister Dakota and they were always together. Dallas enjoyed swimming in my parents pool even though she wasn't supposed to.

We will miss so much about her. Like how she loved to ride in the car. For the first time we actually had a dog who stuck her entire head out the window. She would close her little blue eyes and her ears and whiskers would be pushed back by the wind. Dallas couldn't get enough of riding in the car. The way she would climb up onto Dakota's back to elevate herself so she was the one you'd pet first. Her spunky attitude if she wanted to do something (like get into the trash can, etc.) and you caught her before she could. How silly she sometimes looked with her left ear being so much shorter than the right. It made her unique.

Like most Siberian Husky's Dallas loved to run. Running was something she had to do. But, unfortunately she had run out of luck the afternoon she was struck.

In the short 6 months we had with her, she managed to fill up our hearts and our heads with hundreds of pleasant memories for which we are thankful. We only wish we could have seen her grow up and have had her for many more years. We will all miss you baby girl. We will see you again someday. We will never forget you.

We love you Dallas!!!

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