Aquilina Joe

My dog's name was an unusual one, Aquilino Joe. He was a sweet and active Boston Terrier, a very energetic puppy. I often feel guilty about his death. He was afraid of water, but being the hyperactive puppy he was, wanted to roam freely through the backyard. He fell into the pool twice and nearly drowned both times. I attempted to teach him to swim, but he never wanted to learn- he would just thrash around the water in a desperate attmpt to climb out.

I couldn't spend time with him the last few weeks of his life because I was approaching midterms, and spent my time studying and doing homework. After 2 years of love and happiness, Aquilino drowned November 25th, 2001... the day before my first midterm. I miss him very much as the weeks go by, and hope to reunite with him some day.

He was my best friend.

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