I am lost without you Lexi. You fought a good fight. When you were diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes two years ago, we struggled to get your blood sugar down, you endured shots twice a day, the cataracts that took your sight away and the toll that it took upon your body. You were a trooper every step of the way. You are my hero and I know you are aware how much you are missed.

On July 6, I had to make a judgment call that would greatly affect the rest of my life and take yours. You became so ill that you wouldn't even thump that big clumsy tail when I entered the room to see you. You could not hold yourself up on your back leg and whenever anyone tried to touch you it hurt so badly that you growled.

You were my life for 8 years and enriched it so...you taught me so many things and all you ever wanted to do was to please. You were my affectionate little sweet pea and you touched so many lives. You can now rest in peace under the tree with your buddy Spanky. I am sure the two of you are having a great time.

I know that you will be the brightest star in the sky forever!

I love you sweet pea!

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