She walked into our hearts, just a tiny ball of fur
Never a pain to us, never no sir
So small and innocent and ready for fun
Not till heaven called her, did she run

The cutest dog you ever did see
Here's the truth you'll always get from me.
She never did wrong or hurt anyone
But god wanted her for this only begotten son.

She's in heaven where she plays and plays
Where there is no pain or sorrow to fill her days.
To a new life where is no longer shaved
Because of the beloved pet she'd become, to be now saved.

Though she's forever loved and missed to the end of our lives
Because the wonder of her even today she strives
Her pain and suffering in the end made her a hostage
But not deserving to the baby girl called Sausage.

So now we pray, don't be sad for her or for me
But remember us, our little Murphy
Just be the dog angel we know that you are
When at night we'll know you by you're star.

The cabin in the Sun is where you now reside
There with other little family members so do not hide
They look down upon your monuments so new and so sad
To the opening of gates to the dog we once had.

Seizures will not rip your frail body-coughing will not still your breath
Only your little sacrifices hurts these human hearts so
And because of all of that we now let you go.


Written by: Norrie Kay Santos Ahlf 7/19/02

Murphy: You brought a lot of joy to our family and I thank God that we had the opportunity to be your family. I'm glad that we have lots and lots of pictures of you and videos. You gave us 12 good years. We know your health went downhill when BoShow passed away only 8 months and 10 days before you. You mourned her death more than we thought you would. I'm going to miss walking with you, talking to you, having you hawk me while I eat :), going to the cabin, playing with you (play puppy), always having that tennis ball in your mouth. Dad's going to miss going byd-d-byne, you waiting for him at the bathroom door, you following us all over the place because you never wanted to be left alone anywhere. Me saying "Daddy's home, Daddy's home" and you totally going nuts with your special bark for him coming home, being Paige's best friend with "bad breast"(from a 3 year old) :)

there's so much Murphens...we love you and miss you. RIP...

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