Sassafras was in my son's heart when we went to my friend's house to help with the birthing. Cinnamon, her mom was a pure bred golden retriever and her dad Jesse was Shepard/yellow lab. She looked like a yellow lab the color of a golden and the temperament of a GSD. She was the cutest ball of golden fur you would ever see. She was faithful and gentle to us, but thanks to the bratty boys across the street teasing her when she was out she hated kids.

I knew my son was safe at home after school with his guardian angel Sassy. They grew tall and strong together and she ended up stealing my heart, completely.

She slept on my bed with me, sat beside me when I was on my favorite chair and was my very best friend. She listened to me when I questioned whether I was being a good mom to my son after the divorce, faithfully adoring me and I adored her in return.

One day shortly after my now grown son joined the Navy I saw a lump on her toe on her rear leg. It was cancerous and was removed along with 2 toes. She healed and she loved. Three months later her whole side was swollen and we knew the cancer was back, so severe there was nothing we could do. My son wanted to be with her when she died so we kept her clean and happy waiting the 2 weeks until his leave.

The weekend he was due home my beloved Sassy was too weak to get up even with my help and I knew...... I arranged for Bill to take an earlier flight while I went to pick up other relatives in Vegas. He flew into Phoenix and was in time to carry her to the vet and say his last good-byes. That special dog knew somehow he was coming and kept on living so they could be together one last time. She kept her spirits up, never once whimpered in pain and always wagged her tail, even when she was too weak to lift her head.

She was an amazing, loyal and loving friend and I hope to see her one day at the end of Rainbow Bridge.

Sleep well my loyal princess for I will someday join you............

Sassy's Mom, Jan

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