He passed away in Dec 2000 (he was neally 15). He had a stroke & we had to make the heart renching decision to put him down. The vet said there was nothing more she could do for him - he was completely paralised - except for his beautiful big brown eyes that were staring up at us. To keep him alive would be cruel to him but to take him from us - words cannot describe. The image of him looking up at me still stick in my mind. I know it would have been selfish not to let him go peacefully but part of me wanted to take him home. i wasnt ready to let go. He was my best friend. Loyal & true. I miss him so much (even his bad breath!)

He lived for food & walks & of course his familys love. In fact anyones love.

We got him from an animal shelter - he had been dumped (what a horriable way to start your life) but we took him in - 1 day home & we find out he has distemper - no will not put him down we will care for him round the clock. My sister & I took turns staying awake, petting him making sure he was breathing & my mum while we were at school. HE MADE IT Love pulled him through. And it worked the other way - unconditional love.

We use to say he had 9 lives. He was hit by a speeding car & broke his ribs - but he made it through that as well. When he got old he developed arthrisits as well as other ailments but he was happy. I always thought he would overcome anything. He had a turn about 3 months before his fatal stroke. Unfortunatley Xmas 2000 we were to celebrate without our mate.

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