Grizzley Gus Likar or known to us as Gus-e-boy was a very special part of our family. He was a beautiful black and brindle Akita and was 11 years old when he left us. Gus was the most loving, kind dog we ever had. He was never mean, but very protective of us, especially is master, Joe. He loved Joe very much and would know as soon as he pulled up the driveway.

Gus loved everybody, adults and mostly children. Children seemed to be drawn to him, even with his black fur and big body, they would love to come and pet him and he would just stand there and take in all the attention. He was always good with our children and would let them lay on him and play with him. He was full of energy and love and we miss him with all our hearts.

He was not just a dog, but a very special part of our family and we will continue to miss him every day until we see him again in heaven.

He is loved and missed by his family, Joe, Denise, Brittney, Joey and Danny Likar.

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