Hunter, Sidney, Dakota & Drake

Dakota, Drake, Sidney, Hunter

We can't believe that our whole family of dogs and cat are gone. We pray that the four of you were "asleep" before the fire got to you. We are still in disbelief, so shocked, angry, depressed and guilty that we could not rescue you like we did three weeks previous. You were all probably saying... "Daddy came and got us last time... he's coming".. but we were too late.

Hunter "Sylvester", we will miss your snuggles on our stomachs at night.

Sidney, we want to thank you for two litters of pups. Your eager, expectant face will be missed while we were fixing a meal, awaiting a tasy treat to be thrown to you. We couldn't find anything that you did not like.

Our Drake, "Drakie"... you drove us crazy with all your kisses. We just wish that you were here to give us those sloppy kisses and goose us again.

And our little Datkota, "Kota"... ou were only here a short year but you wrapped us around your little paws and every day you gave us so much love and kisses. We will forever miss your springy, kangaroo jumps in the fields and your special little cry to wake us up in the morning.

We've been blessed with our four precious creatures. We know that you are up in heaven with Grampa Gong giving you treats. We will always remember you in the mornings as we are having our morning toast - all of your adorable faces waiting for a handout.

Until we see you in heaven.

Love, Mom & Dad

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