This is Jake, our dog who was rescued at 4 months old from an overpopulated yard (about 75 malnourished dogs) in Rossville, TN. He was very afraid of people when the Humane Society first picked him up and a wonderful couple fostered him and his sister for 4 months so that he could be better socialized. All the same, when he came home with us, he was still very frightened by people and most especially, men. It took years for him to be more welcoming of attention from new people but he ended up being the most affectionate and hug-hungry dog I've ever known. His favorite place to sit was in our lap.

After 6 months at our house, we brought his new sister, Luscious, home and they spent 7 hysterical years together. These two were clowns - wrestling every day, "attacking" each other and they enjoyed running in the woods by the river, they loved to chase birds. While Jake had a good time swimming, Luscious would anxiously pace the banks waiting for him to return. There is no way to talk about one without the other and now that Jake has succumbed to Lymphoma, Luscious is inconsolable.

Jake's family was with him when the vet sent him on his way - me and my daughter, Luscious and Dylan, the cat. We buried him at home and every day I look for him in between the two chairs in the den (as pictured) or I think I hear his little toenails clicking on the floors. My relationship with this dog was so strong; he and I were completely bonded and I miss him like no other pet I've ever known.

I prefer to think that Sweet Jakey is just another dimension away from us and that he's still sitting under my feet as I write this.

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