A Tribute to Lucy

24 September 1990 - 19 August 2002

"The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him, and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself, too." --Samuel Butler

We called her Lucy, but she also responded to the following nicknames: lou lou, doodle, doodie, the dood, boobie, bootiful girl and dup dup dup (after the British children's TV show 'The Flowerpot Men').

A wire-haired fox terrier, Lucy was cheeky, adorable and would 'fetch' until we fell over from exhaustion. She also had quite a nose: all fetch toys had to be put in the freezer after use or she'd harass us to keep going, she could sniff out tennis balls long-buried in the bushes (we never had to buy them), and she adored balloons (especially helium-filled varieties). She chased them till they popped, then wondered where they went. She had a penchant for anything rubber, to the point that when we bought her last bed - a sheepskin covered foam pad to make her last days more comfortable - she started "killing" it. A sure sign she was a fighter till the very end! The morning she went to the specialist (she never returned) she actually woke up and came over to see us, wiggling and wagging her tail. She usually slept at the foot of our bed, but since she'd become unwell we'd been getting her up, not the other way around. We think she knew it would be our last day together.

We're so grateful to have enjoyed Lucy's company for 12 years. The pleasure she provided was immeasurable and it's been difficult over these past few weeks to resume a normal routine when reminders of her were everywhere. But we've both been visited by "Lucy" in our dreams and we're grateful that she's pain-free and happily chasing tennis balls with all her dear departed doggie friends.

Now we're moving on and are "expecting" a new wire-haired foxie puppy in November. Lucy is irreplaceable, but nothing in life is permanent and once a terrier lover, always a terrier lover. (In fact, make that: once a dog lover, always a dog lover!)

Cyndi & Peter

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