We would like to tell you about our beautiful black lab Sam that we have recently and suddenly lost to bone cancer, She was in our lives for 11 years, and we will miss her dearly. She has left a permanent paw print in our hearts. If a dog could be your soul mate she would be mine.

In January of 1991 I brought Sam home with me after getting her from a pet store in St. Louis. I was visiting a friend there and we were shopping in a mall when we stopped in the local pet store. There in the window was a litter of black lab puppies, I was thinking "boy they sure are cute, too bad I don't see a female, lets go". Within minutes of that comment my friend put in my arms the only female in the litter. She was 7 weeks old. It was love at first site. She was the cutest puppy I have ever seen. Needless to say, she became mine.

I took her every where with me, even to the mall where I would hide her in my coat. She even went on a few dates with me. She has given me the greatest joy I had ever known, I have had several dogs in the past but have never connected with them this way, I cannot explain our connection.

Sam was my little shadow, this actually would have been a more appropriate name for her. She grew to depend on me. So needless to say, when I decided to get another lab in 1992, Sam was not too happy. The new puppy was a 6 week old yellow lab, I named her Bailey. They grew to love each other.

Sam had cruciate ligament surgery on the knee of her rear leg in 1998. After that, she would often develop a limp in her other rear leg after running, but the limp would always disappear after a little rest. Then, after playing ball in March of 2002 her limp did not go away. We figured she may have injured her knee again, but an x-ray revealed a fracture at the location of a tumor in her leg. This was diagnosed as be bone cancer. Further x-rays showed that the cancer had spread to her lungs. We were told by the vet that she would have only two months of quality life before the cancer would take her. Rather than put her through the trauma of removing her leg, we decided to have her put to sleep.

This was the most difficult decision we ever had to make. We frequently second guessed our decision for some time after that, but as time passes we realize it was the best thing for her.

It has been almost four months since Sam left us. We miss her and think of her every day. We will always cherish the time spent with her, and the joy she brought us. She was the best dog ever!!

We miss you Sam,


Tom, Jan & Bailey

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