You arrived so full of fear

And yet your eyes met mine and there was instant trust

My very best friend, my confidant

How much you loved the show ring

And I loved to be there at your side

Letting you show off the things you loved to learn

You have touched so many lives through our visits and presentations

I will cherish the notes and letters from children who loved you

In your later years my assistance dog

Long before anyone else knew what was wrong

You were always there to help, and I never fell with you at my side

Until the day you died in my arms

And left a pain that will never fade

As my tribute to you, my beloved companion

I will devote my life to teaching and training

And while I continue the work we started together

I know that you will be there at my side

Forever guiding my footsteps

Mary Thompson
Paws 'N Pals

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