I lost my best friend of 11yrs on July 23,02 her name was Sushi. Throughout the years no matter what life had to give me she was always there with unconditional love and support and if you were lucky you got the coveted Bubbylicky. When I got home from work she was always there with a smile, (as in the picture), she cuddled when I was sick and always knew when I needed her and would be there as long as I needed her.

One day she had to have surgery for her bladder but she never fully recovered and one week later she had a stroke and was paralyzed. Even then she saw I was upset and though she could not move, I could see in her eyes she was saying, I am here for you Mommy. It was my turn to be there for my best friend and I had to have her put down so she would not suffer any longer. I owed that to her for her years of loyalty and friendship. The hardest thing that I ever had to do was get past my selfishness of wanting her here and do what was right by her. We were with her to the end though we had the option to not be, she deserved more, as she was there for me in life I wanted to be there till the end.

We had Sushi cremated and she is now back home with us with her ever present bear/bear next to her. She is dearly missed by her family but we know that we will be together again. Until we meet again my beloved Bubby, I will see you at the rainbow bridge with your ever present smile.

Mommy, Daddy and Natalya ,Grandma and Bonsai Dog

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