Bear, Jo & Tux

In Memory Of:

Jorrell Vom Haus Durango CDX, CGC
Buschgar's Tennessee Tuxedo CD, CGC
Tabor's Buddy Bear UD, CGC

Tabor's Buddy Bear UD, CGC 10/14/89 - 09/11/02

To my Buddy Bear...

I know that you are where you need to be, but my heart wants you back here. The only thing that keeps my heart from breaking, is knowing that you are with Jorrell and Tux. The three of you were quite a team! I loved you all, but you Bear were my love, my life, and I hope you took that with you. I love you Bear, and will never forget you. Wait for me at the Bridge, someday we will be together again. Running, Jumping, and Hugging.

In this picture you see 3 dogs that meant the world to me and my best friend Beckie. Her dog Jo is on the end, Bear is in the center sitting, and Tux...bless his heart, he was so dark that the tree hid his image in this picture. All you see is that goofs feet. They were separated in death with Jo's passing, then Tux's untimely death, and now Bear has joined them. They are reunited at last! Be happy guys! Know that you will be forever loved and missed, and NEVER forgotten!

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