I wanted to just do a little tribute to my best little baby Daisy the dog who passed away on 9/10/02. She was very sick with cancer and in pain. I rescued her from a shelter 10 years ago and my vet said she was a "senior" senior citizen but I still miss her dearly and I am just so sad.

I looked out at the stars last night hoping that she was out there. I just want her to know that I loved her so much and I am feeling so guilty about having to take her life. I am having such a tough time dealing with this even though I know she would have suffered a much more painful death possibly by herself. I held her and cried and kissed her goodbye. I just want her to know that I loved her like a child and she can never be replaced. The quiet in the house and her bed being gone is just so lonely. I just want to believe that she is happy and healthy again and forgives me for letting her go.

I love you Pookie and Daddy does too!

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