1999-2002 - missed dearly by owners Dan and Marcie Brenske

Luke your Mama and Daddy miss you very much we will never forget you. You were our world our protector,best friend,true companion and most of all our little boy. We loved you more than anything, you always got your way know matter what.You were so terribly stubborn, but that is what we miss most about you.

Putting you to rest was the hardest decision I've ever had to make. But your aggression was getting to bad. We tried everything we could. Classes, a behavioral specialist and, just plain denial that you would get better. And towards the end all you did was wear a shock collar, that's not fair that's know way for you to live.

Though you were good to us and to the family, you were just to unpredictable with other people, and we just couldn't take the chance of someone getting hurt. This has been a long time coming big guy, and the longer we held on the harder it got for us.

Please forgive us we love you with all of our hearts. I hope you are up there with Larry playing around and that you can find that sunshine to lay in.

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