We lost our beloved Pumpkin on Feb 15 2002, She was with us for 17 good years. Where every we went Pumpkin was with us. She loved to play and lay with us. She was a Daddy's girls. Pumpkin was loved by everyone that would come across her. Her eyes always did the talking. Kids always called her Lassie,she would just sit and let them pat her.

Pumpkin as sick as she was stand right by Daddy side after he had gone though surgeon to have a kidney removed, so for 6 weeks she was by Daddy, the day the doctor said he could go back to work, Pumpkin went to the Rainbow Bridge. It was a great loss, we still see her running around the house with the other dogs.

Pumpkin will never be forgot, she will always be in our hearts, till we met at the gates of the Rainbow Bridge.

Love Mom

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