Scottie Benge

2-14-1990 -7-27-2002

Allow me to tell you about my best friend. The best friend that anyone could ever possibly want or need. His name is Scottie.

Scottie and I first met in the spring of 1990 at the SPCA. He was only 3 months old. We knew right away that we were meant to be together. Scottie had more love and kindness than I could ever imagine.

He helped me through some of the roughest times of my life. When I was down, he would always put a smile back on my face. His loyalty, courage and love knew no boundaries. Scottie loved everyone that he met. And he made it impossible not to love him back.

If there were an entry in the Encyclopedia for the Coolest Dog in the World, Scottie would have to be the on that were there.

Scottie was a true fighter. He had a few things thrown his way later on in his life, as far as health, that challenged him. But Scottie always came back. Even from cancer.

But ultimately the fight became too much. He had a slipped disk in his back and the pain was just too much. This was something that he could not come back from. I had to help my friend.

On July 27, 2002 Scottie went to the Rainbow Bridge. And it is there that he is waiting for me. Just as he did every day of his life here on Earth. One sweet day his wait will be over. Then I will be with my friend forever!

Scottie I Love You so much and miss you everyday!! You're my Scott-Man.

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