My dogs name is Janie.

She was a Black Lab/Spaniel mix. I got Janie at 4 when her and I were pups. She saved my life numerous times. She was very very smart, I love her very much.

In my youth as kids often do I was pretty mean to her, after I got into my trouble she went to live with our Family friend Tom Otte. He took very very good care of her, I hear she died fat and happy in her sleep (I'd like to think so...) She had doggie friends, Brutus my Grandmas bulldog (stubborn as hell, Brutus I love you, ur not forgotten either.) and others... and was a mom at one point, her litter of pups we had go give away, they were half wolf, half janie...she used to hunt with the wolf, which I befriended also. She always liked the bad dogs : ) Janie lived a long life about 15-16 human years. ,BR>
I am sure her spirit will return to me in some form, she is in my soul circle... To my puppie I say I'm sorry, and I always miss you. Im sorry i couldnt be there for your last days, but we will be together again some day, in some way. I love you Janie, forever.

Justin J.B. Savage

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