My little girl Mouse was born May 17, 1993 and just passed over the rainbow bridge on Tuesday October 1, 2002. She was the best friend any one could ask for. I really miss her more than anything.

She was a 9 year old blue merel Sheltie. She was so loving, there was no one that she came in contact with that didn't fall in love with her. There was no one that she didn't like. She always like to be at the center of attention. She would alway spin on her back legs if she were asked if she wanted to go out. She loved going on long walks and for rides in the car. She always understood how I was feeling and alwas did what I asked her to do.

We got her when she was 15 months old from what we found out later was a puppy mill. They no longer wanted her because she couldn't give them puppies. She was our special little rescue girl. She was always mommies little baby and now mommies little angel baby. When she left us, she left a huge gaping hole in our home and our hearts.

She was a huge part of our family. I can't wait til the day I am with her again.

Michele Wilson

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