My best friends name was Pebbles a 8 year old Dalmation she passed away 12/22/2001. The best friend I ever had I have to say that 7 1/2 years she was very healthy and happy.

Around May of 2001 she was diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer. It was only months that she had to live with many trips to the vet to have fuid drained off of her lungs and stomach. She always seemed very happy after her trips to the vet feeling good for a few weeks until she had to go back again. It came down to being a week apart for the fuild drain and we decided she was not happy anymore. She had stopped eating that day so we started on our way to do the enevitable and a mile from the vet she gave up and passed away in my arms.

I have to say the hardest thing I've ever went through loosing my best friend. Even though it has been almost a year since her death I still think of her daily you never forget the love of a best friend/pet.

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