Sadie Rose

Born July 4 1990
Went to the Rainbow Bridge Nov 6 1995

You where such a cute puppy, with your one blue eye. You looked like a small dear running around the house. I still remember how sick you got when you were six months old. You had such a high fever that wouldn't eat or drink.

We thought we were losing you. But then late on a Sunday night we were holding you and trying to get you to drink using a spoonfuls of water. When you took your first lap of water in almost 4 days, your mother and I cried as you started drinking again. Even this didn't stop you from becoming the big strong girl you were meant to be. The only side effect we noticed was your inability to accept change. Like the time I came down the stairs with a hat on. Even though you saw me go up, you barked and growled at me till I took it off.

You and your sister Molly would like to get into mischief on more the one occasion. The one that sticks out in my mind was New Years eve. Your mom and I into town to celebrate and when we returned home you and Molly had dragged the futon mattress into the middle of the floor and proceeded to rip it to shreds. We came through the door and it looked as if it snowed in the house. Molly new she did wrong but you had no conscience. You came up to me as if nothing was wrong, looking for a pat on the head.

You were also known as my "trucker girl". All I had to do was sing Born To Be Wild and you were at the front door waiting. We were watching a movie one day and that song was part of the sound track you wouldn't leave me alone till I stopped the movie and drove you around the block.

Then in the fall of 95 you started having sneezing fits. The vet said it was allergies. Soon you were sneezing blood so we took you to a specialist and you were diagnosed with a nasal tumor. We were hoping you would make it through Christmas. But you got so bad so fast that we decided that we couldn't see you suffer anymore.

At around 8:30 am on Nov 6th we helped you make that journey to the bridge. Your mom and I holding you and telling you what a good girl you are and how much we love you. Though you're physically not here, you will always be in our hearts. Even as I write this my tears still fall. I know in my heart someday I'll be with you and Shiner Bear till then "Keep your motor runnin, head out on that highway, looking for adventure, in whatever comes our way..."

We love you Sadie Rose

Mom (Elaine), Dad (Greg), Meghan & Mike

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