Buttons, Sasha & Pup

I have lost 3 pets within the last year. Their names are:

Buttons - the best pound puppy that I ever had. We had her for 16 years. She joined the stars August 10, 2001.

The second one is Sasha the dog that the previous owner said frightened her - she joined the stars on April 2, 2002. we had her for 15 years.

Last but not least is my "Pup" that is her name, nobody could agree on a name for her so "Pup" it was. We had her for 5 short years. We found her running along a busy street, so I told my son to get her when I stopped the car. She was the best. She joined the stars on June 24,2002.

All are dearly missed, more than I could imagine. I look forward to seeing them at the Rainbow Bridge.

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