Dear Skittles,

When you came to our house for the first time, you were for weeks old. You were so small you fitted on the palm of my hand! At first we had a lot of sleep less nights with your crying at night. You used to start crying and either Rowena or I would put you under our sheets in bed with us and you'd sleep like an angel.

You grew older and it was like having another sister. You teased us and we teased you. Everyone round here remembers you steeling Barbie dolls from Ro's dolls house and then tease her with them, and "Mum... Skittles took my new Barbie again!" was often heard. Later on we mated you and you had a litter of 10 puppies out of which only 6 survived. You had a terrible labor and mum swore never to mate you again because of the complication which arouse. We almost lost you.

A few months after the puppies left you suffered from a slip disk and the vet suggested to put you down. But we couldn't! You were part of the family and we were going to stand by you what ever it took. We even talked of the possibility of buying you a wheel chair but God was with you and after loads of injections you started walking again. We were all glad. Another few months passed.

Although still weak and not as energetic as before, you were your old self again, eating every scrap of food you find on the floors and steeling Ro's dolls from her dolls house. Then you started urinating blood and the vet came home again to see you, he ordered a change of diet and gave you some vitamins. Days passed and you worsened. The vet came again and this time took a some blood from your small paws to test. We never got the results back. The next day you were worse.

Ro and I were alone at home with you and you struggled to the back yard. You urinated a large puddle of blood. We called mum at work and she came. She called dad at work and told him she was calling the vet to put you down. You must have known what was going on 'cause you kept on looking at us in a way in which you had never done before. The vet came in and mum held you while he gave your final injection. I stood there looking at you and you died looking at me.

I hardly cried that day, I was too busy making sure mum and Ro were ok, but as I'm writing this letter I'm crying my eyes out. I miss you, we all do for that matter. I just hope you're having fun at Rainbow Bridge with Nelly our Boxer, Wendy our cocker spaniel and all the rest.

Love Leeandra

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