Bearded collie Yogiedog died 26/9/02 aged 25 years.

Yogiedog and I crossed paths 25 years ago and have been travelling together through life since. There are only 3 times that we have not slept together in all those years and only because either he was in hospital or I was.

Yogie was a stray and from the first meeting with him I knew we were suppose to be together, Yogie came to live with me on my farm were I had been on my own, and we shared everything together.I thought that he had been abused as he was a very frightened dog but as time passed and as our bond grew Yogies confidence in the world increased.

I'm a artist and to pay my way through university Yogie and I would busk in Sydney, me tap dancing on a soapbox and Yogie sitting just looking himself buteiful as usual, When people passed they would throw the money in the hat not because of the tap dancing but because Yogie was so gorgeous.

Yogiedog was one in a million and I feel honoured to have been given the opportunity of having spent his life with me .

No day forth will be the same with out him.


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