Chief Black Hawk

Name: Chief Black Hawk
Born: November 2, 1991
Died: April 30, 2002
Family: The Westwoods

Hawk was a sweet little black Cocker Spaniel. He certainly had his quirks, but he loved people, and he loved our family especially. We got him when I was 8, so he was around for the majority of my memorable life, and all the life my two youngest brothers can remember. He loved eggs and, oddly enough, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. He'd do anything for cantaloupe. He loved to have his stomach rubbed, and he loved my grandma. He truly seemed to think that he was another one of the children.

Back in March or April, he began to have trouble breathing, and got very ill. We couldn't afford the money it would take to do diagnostic tests on him, so we just tried to take care of him as best we could. We realized that we might have to put him to sleep, and it brought us all to tears.

He finally got to the point where he barely ate, and couldn't keep his food down. Before we had to come face to face with putting him to sleep, he died quietly in the early morning hours of April 30. He is still greatly missed.

To this day, it brings me to tears to talk about him. I know he's waiting for us in heaven.

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