In Memory of Dylan
Feb 28, 1991 through October 15, 2001

On October 15, 2002 I had to put Dylan to sleep. I wish we could have had one more weekend with him in Carmel. One more run on the beach. One more cuddle and kiss on the nose. One more hour at the park.

I pray that his spirit is in a better place. A place where the sun shines every day and there is an endless supply of treats, dogs to play with and squirels to chase. I pray that he has the angels to play with and love him. No longer is he uncomfortable or in pain, now his body is that of a puppy...scampering, jumping and running free. I pray that the grass is soft and smelly and that there are plenty of bushes to leave pee-mail on. Most of all, I hope and pray that he will remember in his heart how much he was loved on this earth. I am thankful for the gift he was in my life, for the lessons he taught me. Lessons on loving, giving and the importance of stopping to smell the bushes.

Dylan wasn't perfect. A little bit spoiled and way to smart for his own good. But I wouldn't trade one moment, one dollar, one memory for anything this world has to offer.

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