Kayla, our very precious, 12-year-old, Border Collie girl, went to play at the bridge on the 5th September 2002. Kayla is a legend and legends never die. She lives on in our hearts and through her stories she will continue to be an inspiration to all who find themselves struggling. Despite her severe handicaps, she brought hope to so many throughout the world. She also brought fun and laughter into lives that had lost their sparkle.

Kayla was born of the 5th November 1990 and came into our lives six weeks later. It was easy to love her from the very beginning and this love just continued to grow and grow. She was not a dog in our family, but one of its essential members, as well as being my closest friend, companion and confidante. She was highly intelligent, had a remarkable sense of humour and a vocabulary close to that of any school going child. She was also my little girl.

Kayla leaves a void the size of the universe. There will never be another Kayla and I will never be the same again. She has taken a part of me with her, making it impossible for complete healing to take place. My only consolation is that she again runs in peace.

We will never forget Kayla, she lives on in our hearts. Legends never die.

Rosemary and John Carter


South Africa

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