Tarumetsan Hopeataikahuilu Max

To my Maximillian

The first thing I saw in the morning
your smile
over the edge of my bed
You danced your excitement
Finally, you're awake!
Now, let's go out, let's play
and hug
Come! I'll give you a kiss
You're the most important thing to me in the world!
My prescoius, my dog
This is the end of it all
lilac flowers on your grave
the sky is heavy with clouds
This is the end, I planted lilies on your grave.
And it's not the end
Kisses of your velveteen nose slip into my dreams
the sound of your little feet follow me inside the house
too empty
hand searches for the silky head to stroke
and does not reach it.

Don't leave me my little one
don't leave
even if there are flowers blooming over your grave


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