Molly was a precious bichon frise born in 1990. My mother heard that a bichon breeder had a litter of bichons born on my birthday, December 13th, so we believed it was fate for me to get a puppy from this litter. I got her when she was 6 weeks old, less than a year after graduating from college. She was the runt of her litter, and I remember picking her up on a cold winter night in January, and keeping her warm in my coat pocket on the way home. She was the most adorable thing I'd ever seen! My roommate Jolene and I played with her, trained her, and loved her to death!

Molly lived with Jolene and I through several other roommates, different places, and was our constant companion and friend. Even when Jolene eventually got engaged and moved out in 1996, Molly and I hung through it all together. Molly was with me through law school, new jobs, breakups with boyfriends, or whatever other minor tragedies arose, and was always there for a hug or wet kiss on the nose. My husband fell in love with her after we started dating in 1998, and she was there with us during the struggles of trying to get pregnant with fertility treatments, and finally met our twins when we brought them home from the hospital in spring of 2002.

In April of 2002, curiosity got the best of her, and she ate a diet pill out of my mother-in-law's purse. She went into liver failure within a matter of a few days, and her precious soul is now with Jesus Christ in heaven.

She was such a wonderful, sweet dog! She got herself into some fine messes - from eating my shoes to highlighters, and eating the styrofoam out of her dog bed. She loved to play and snuggle up close when she was all played out. She was always gentle with children and other animals. Molly always knew if I didn't feel well or was sad, and would snuggle up closer.

I loved her so much!

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