September 1, 1994 - September 22, 2002

Pancho, our "Little Macho Man," you are so deeply loved and missed. You were the leader of the pack, the charismatic one, and the bully. You were selfish and possessive of your plastic toys and nylon bonies, yet you always gave us so much love in return. Because of those memorable traits, you were the favorite, and deeply adored.

"Little Guy," you made such a joyful impact on our lives, and just your mere presence filled our hearts with glee. You knew how to draw attention to yourself. Sid & Lucille called you "Lover Boy" because you loved to constantly lick them whenever they came over. You couldn't keep that little tongue in your mouth! You loved human beings, but weren't too crazy over 4-legged creatures.

We miss rubbing our nose and face all over your little head, and miss kissing your bare temples. Reyna, Wally, and Nico, your loving companions for many years, miss you, too, in their own special way.

We are terribly saddened that this heart problem came suddenly and without warning, taking your life of 8 years away.

Till our jubilant reunion at the Rainbow Bridge, we hope you are happy and blessed where you are.

Your loving Mommies,
Patty and Ana

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