Penny was the most gorgeous dog in the world and i miss her so much. we got penny when she was just 6 months old she had been abandoned on a motorway and been beaten with a bag. i have so many wonderfull memories of penny and i will keep them all in my heart. she died a year and 3 months ago i still miss her dearly she died of cancer because we were too late in catching it and spread all over her body. i was there when she died and held her paw and gave her one last kiss before she went. we had her for 13 years and it is so strange with out her , no more barking(some people would be gald of that) but you get used to it,no ore pretty little face to greet you when you return home.

i miss her soo much and i cant wait to see you in heaven everyone misses you, even daddy i love you penny

love Charlotte

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