Roddy was greatly loved.

He lived to be 11 years old and was suddenly diagnosed with a termianl tumour.

Roddy (October 25, 2002)

His big brown eyes sparkled mischieviously
His playing bow calling me teasingly
A joking grin, with kisses strong and true
Falling into a hug sighning I love you.

Pure of heart so free of sins
Galloping to me- such goofy limbs
Unconditional love is such a rare thing
Who could guess how much one dog could bring.

My memories will forever be strong
This pain is unbearable now tha you're gone.
Your gentle spirit reached more lives than you know
Through the tears * good friends will show.

So brave and loving right up to the end
I thought I would die too, I can't pretend.
You wanted to go, you were ready for this
A soul each day my soul will miss.


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