Broadsword's Sako Centaur

September 28, 1992 - October 17, 1999

The first time I saw a Bull Terrier (Bulls Eye) was in 1969 in a film called Oliver. It was then I decided I wanted a Bull Terrier of my own. But at the age of SEVEN it wasn't possible. Many years would pass until I could pursue my dream.

I went to a dog show one day and was put in touch with a breeder of Bull Terriers. After a few visits and what seemed an interrogation, as the breeder was particular as to where he placed his dogs, he gave me the OK as I had done my homework by reading everything I could get my hands on to do with the breed. My request was quite detailed as I explained I wanted a white male with a black eye. He told me such a request could take some time, as this was not common. SEVEN years passed by and one day my phone rang. It was the breeder, he said he had two white males puppies both donning one black eye each, but one puppy was already spoken for. If I wanted to put a deposit on the second puppy he would hold him for me until he was of age and I could purchase him. I couldn't get there fast enough.

I was working in a factory of which I was laid off after SEVEN years service and was now wondering how I would come up with $600.00. I sold my hunting rifle that was a Finnish made "Sako Finnbear" 30.06 to purchase my new companion. Hence his name "Sako". His second name "Centaur" was chosen from a list of ships the breeder used as part of his trademark. I later found out "Centaur" was a creature in Greek mythology that was half man and half horse also the Zodiac sign for Sagittarius which was my sign as well as my wife's.

Sako grew to a be a wonderful dog, full of spirit and fire always there to entertain as well comfort and companionship.

He started having health problems as early as 3 years of age. After many trips to the Vet for medications, tests etc, etc, a massive heart attack in my arms finally took my Sako from me SEVEN years later on October 17, 1999. He is missed every single day. I talk to him everyday in my prayers in hopes he can somehow hear me. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is in Dogstar now I'm sure of it. My wish for him now is to be free, happy, safe and warm until we can be together again someday.

Sako is missed, loved and thought of fondly and will always be "my Baby Boy".

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