To our Darling Sandy (Tandles),

Although it is 3 yrs ago since you died, we still miss you sooooo badly. You came into our lives at 5 wks of age with your gorgeous puppy smell. I remember you going to work with me in my jacket pocket until you greww tooo big and how much goooin and ahhhhhhhing you brought to patients there and my colleagues. You never asked for much yet you gave so much with that embarrassed smile that wrinkled your nose and frequent wag of your tail and your strong blonde labrador licks that you loved to give your mommies whenever you had contact with them. You swam winter and summer in our pool and invented a game of ballie that you played with Muffy where you would fetch at least 2 tennis balls in your mouth bring them to Muffy who would drop them in the pool again for you to fetch again. You loved running on the beach and chasing the waves. Your bestest thing was to snuggle up behind Mom number one's legs for an afternoon snooze insisting on getting under the duvet!!! I can still feel your warm soft body behind my legs and the bed is empty without you.

The day you got really sick is something we talk about often now, initailly it was too painful. Your other Mommy was preoccupied with the loss of her Dad. You had not been well and we had taken you the vet on a few ocacasions before the day cause we were worried about you. The day we left for work we put you in the front yard as Troytie would want to play and tease you and you just did not seem a wlll girl. When we came home from work, you ran to the pool because you were sooo hot but found it it difficult getting up the stairs and you did not want your food, most unusual! We were with you in the lounge and you seemed sooo uncomfortable so arranged to see the vet after hours.

Your tummy was hard and he decided to operate. I went into theatre with you whilst they operated whilst Mommy number 2 waited outside as she could not see you all opened up and unconscious. They discovered an abscess on your cervix which the vet tried to drain and remove. We did not come and see you first thing in the morning although we were just up the road from you because we did not want to get you alll excited and cause you more pain when you saw us. How sorry we are now as you died that morning at 11am. We regret sooooooooooooooo much not being there with you when you woke up that morning and just being with you whilst you were in pain. It is something we relive often and wish sooo much we could have done differently.

We often bring you back by just talking and remembering the things you loved and did and gave us. You were gentleness dogonified (personified).

Thank you for your love and dedication to us, we miss you sooooooooooo much.

Love mom number 1&2

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