November, 1997 - October, 2002

Dearly missed by Haley, Nancy, Dale, Bud, Buddy, Granny Mable and Rylee

Dear Ty

You were taken from me so unexpectedly. I am so sorry you had to go alone in that small cage in the vet. I wish I could have been there to pet you one last time and to say goodbye.

So, it is now that I must say goodbye to you. Not goodbye forever, but goodbye until I see you again. I will miss EVERYTHING about you -- the way you waited for me at the window, the trips we went on, the cuddling we did, the cute way you talked to me in your language, but most of all your love and loyalty.

I know you are in a better place now - no longer sick or in pain. You will be in my thoughts and my hearts always. Until we meet again.

I love you.


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