My beautiful Ty

We came home from our honeymoon on a Sunday night (Oct 13th 2002) with news that our 10 month old terry-poo Ty had been killed in an car accident .....I have not been the same since. We have another dog Chase who is mourning the loss of his brother to and I feel tat I may be neglecting him since ty's passing....

Ty brought so much joy and laughter to our lives ....I think about him everyday and wish that I had him here to hold and take care of but I dont . I am not sure when the hurting is going to stop and I know that everyone deals with death differently. I dont even like to speak his name or look at his pic . Before we left on our honeymoon I had wedding pictures taken with the dogs and I dont want to see them ......not yet .

Ty we love you very much and I am sorry that you left us so earlly in life and that I was not there for you that day . May you rest in peace and Mommy will see you again someday

...all our love ....your family

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