July 1st, 1987 - May 8th, 2003

We will always love you. You are the "Boo" and not a day goes by that I dont think of you. It was the best 16 years of our life. We'll never forget when you would run all over the house in Jersey...sounded like a truck coming through.! You were the only "dog" that I knew that would smile when asked to....we all knew you were happy then.

From Dina
I am glad that you were able to sleep on me the last night. My neck was killing me but it didnt were comfy. And when we talked in the garage that morning....I told you it would be ok and to go see the Grandpas... hope you told them I said hello.

Thanks for always being there for me. When I had surgery you were there to lick my booboo. When I was sick and mommy brought me water, you felt no worries about drinking out of my cup. I could go on forever, just please dont hate me for letting you go. You were so sad and I wanted you to be happy. I love you might be a while before I see you physically again, but I do hear you every day in my memories. Love you and just think of me kissing you on your special Dina spot (right between your eyes..)

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